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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New WhatsApp Update Allows you to Re-download Deleted Media Files

The pace at which WhatsApp releases new updates nowadays is terrific. The popular instant messenger is back with a new one, and no doubt, there will continue to be updates for the app. This latest update adds a new feature dubbed WhatsApp re-download deleted media which does exactly what it's called.

New WhatsApp Update Allows you to Re-download Deleted Media Files

Before now, when we try to re-download a media file received from a contact (after deleting it), WhatsApp will tell you to ask the person to resend it – i don't even bother doing that. But thanks to this new update, we now have the ability to download deleted media, which includes documents, videos, images, audio messages etc.

The truth is that most times, we delete media from our devices because of low storage space rather than because we have no use for them. This new update has made is possible not to worry about that anymore.

How can you get back deleted media?

Simply go to the conversation and click on the formerly deleted media; it will instantly be stored again on your device. Currently, it works in all file types.

The WhatsApp re-download deleted media feature should have started rolling out to all users, otherwise, download the latest WhasApp
version 2.18.205
 to enjoy it.


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