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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to Create, edit and delete labels on blogger

Creating Blogger Labels :

  1. For labeling single post, you can use the Blogger Post Editor > Post Settings > Labels (You can check the below image for better understandings) 

    But what if we want to assign label to multiple posts? Lets check it out.
  2. For doing so, just click on Posts Tab of your Blog Dashboard.

  3. Now you will see list of your Blog Posts
  4. Click on multiple posts of your choice (you want to assign label with) using the check box on the left.

  5. After that, choose the label option from above and click on the label you want to assign the selected multiple posts. Alternatively, you can create a new label too.
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That's it! You have learnt creating labels on Blogger.

Renaming (Editing) Blogger Labels :

Blogger does not support renaming labels by default. But you can do so with a little tweak. Just follow the steps mentioned below. 
  1. To do so, first get a list of all posts under a certain label by clicking on the Label selection button on the top-right.
  2. So suppose I wanted to list all posts with the label "Beginner's Guide". I will simply select that particular label from the selection button.
  3. Now tick the Click box on the left to select all posts of that label. 
  4. Again, from the labels drop down menu, click the New Label and Enter the new name of the label there (which you want the previous label to get renamed) 

  5. Now, All these posts will be assigned to newly named label. After that, you just have to again click tick box to select all posts of the previous label and from label drop down menu click on the previous label name to remove that label from the posts. 
  6. This label will get removed from your posts and will automatically gets deleted if no post is assigned to it.
That's all! You just learnt renaming blogger labels too. 

Deleting Blogger Labels :

Blogger automatically delete the labels which are not assigned to any post. So if you want to delete any label then simply unassign it from every post and it will automatically gets deleted.


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