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Friday, July 13, 2018

How to transfer files from phone to laptop through Xender App

Steps to connecting xender mobile to PC

Step 1:
Open your xender and click/tap on the cursor like symbol at the bottom right of your phone screen as described in the image below. If yours is not like the image below? You can upgrade your xender to v3.1.
connect xender to pc
Step 2:
When step 1 is complete, an interface will pop up like the one below, click/tap on PC/mac.
connect xender to pc
Step 3:
Another interface will pop up, click on the hotspot symbol by the side of your screen as indicated below.

connect xender to pc
Step 4:
On your Pc, turn on your wifi, search for the hotspot and connect. The hotspot name should look like this Xender_Ap46d5

Step 4:
Now on your PC open a browser, preferably UC-browser or chrome and enter this code at the address bar. and then press enter.
connect xender to pc
Step 5:

After opening the address, you will see a pop-up message on your phone prompting you to accept the process.
Your android should now be successfully synchronized with your PC.  
That’s basically how to connect xender mobile to PC.


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